Monday, 29 September 2014

Say Hello to 'Agile Testing'

Agile and Software testing go hand in hand

Agile has revolutionized the IT world. Agile is not only a process but a methodology. It's about understanding the human behavior and changing the mindset as per agile principles and values.

Scrum is the most common methodology which is being followed in majorly all the organizations now a days. Scrum is a time-boxed process which motivates the team members to complete the stories in that time frame and increases the productivity of the Agile Teams.

The key values of Agile Testing are :

"The whole Team concept i.e. the whole Team is responsible for the Quality Work (including Developers and Testers)"

 Agile Testing involves following :

  • Get the insights of the Business Requirement in Planning meeting while start of the Sprint together with the whole Team.
  • testing will be an on - going process throughout the Sprint as soon as developers gives a working code.
  • Acceptance Criteria will be added in the story after the Planning only.
  • The developers have the responsibility to unit test their code and after Unit Test only it should be ready for Testing.
  • Testing should involve Manual as well as Automated Test Cases.

Agile testing involves open communication with the developers, business analysts and other stake holders. 

Be more communicative and open to new ideas.

Happy Agile Testing !!